By setting aforesaid vision the "Sri Sri Abhiram Shanti Ana ndashram Seva Sangh" has clearly spelt out the objectives that the Societies would try to fulfill in course of its activities from time to time. A selective and significant objectives are —

  • To undertake environment promotion activities.
  • To take by socio-economic programme for the betterment of destitute ladies and poor deprived person.
  • To undertake education programme for women equality in the society
  • To organize relief work during the flood, natural calamities, sayer cyclone droughts etc.
  • To undertake vocational training and income generation programme for women.
  • To promote agriculture programme for rural farmers.
  • To take up health programme in the backward area to improve health status of women children & the poor.
  • To motivate and involve yough to identify and help to eradicate social evils like bounded labour, low wage, alcoholism, un-touchability, illiteracy etc. to create a new social order with greater free justice.
  • To take such other steps for mentally and physically disabled persons of the Society to make them backs to the main stream of social life.
  • To organize anti-drug programme.
  • To protect the interest of consumers as per the provisions of consumer protection act in fence.
  • To develop sports and games in the youth mass.
  • To organize yough camps and leadership training camps for the youth and to form action in villages.
  • To develop medical facilities and to distributes medicines to the poor people. To ensure welfare and family welfare to common persons through established camp.
  • To develop a religious programme among the illeterate people in rural area.
  • To alert the people about Yoga Education.
  • To teach the people about the philosophy of Jagadguru Thakura Abhiram Paramhansa Day.

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